Online Reputation Management

Reputation management refers to influencing and controlling the reputation of an individual or group, originally with a public relations period, reputation management companies, the development of the Internet and social media, the search results are the main focus of a person or group Organ has made online reputation management, sometimes abbreviated as ORM, product and service search website results Focus on the fuel. Specifically, reputation of the person or brand in reputation management is on the Internet, which addresses the content that is potentially harmful to it, and before using customer feedback, before the person or brand Damages reputation. A key part of reputation management involves suppressing negative search results while highlighting positive ones. For businesses, reputation management usually tries to reduce the difference between a company, which is how the company considers itself and others about it.

Advantage Of Online Reputation Management

Growing discipline and corporate need are needed, prestige management is widely accepted as a valuable intangible asset, which can be one of the most important sources of competitive edge in a rarely competitive market, and companies continuously Business community is increasing in investigations, regulators and corporate governance watchdogs have good reputation management positions Duties continue to help companies deal with this investigation. Good reputation management processes are important in helping any unit to manage employees' confidence as a control tool on public perceptions, which can be costly if it can be weak and ignored, which can be expensive To reduce the confidence of the employee, not the risk, no employer will dare to look for employee morale. One of the most important drivers of the show's performance.


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