How to Used WhatsApp for Marketing

what's app markeing Whatsapp, Facebook’s social messaging service was acquired for $ 19 billion in 2014, it is the world’s fastest-growing communications app. As of January 2015, around one billion people were regular, active Whatsapp users worldwide. These users are sharing more than 70 million photos and 100 million videos every single day. In India, it is more popular than Facebook and even our maids. This has already changed the SMS and our primary mode of communication is becoming.

>Using WhatsApp For Internal Team Communication

Whenever we tried to apply any new equipment for internal communication in the beneficial books, we got resistance from employees. People are reluctant to ‘learn’ new things The best thing about WhatsApp is that almost everyone uses it and it does not require any training. Another advantage is that I do not have to explicitly check the whit speed team because they like it anyway. We’ve created groups of sales and development teams on WhatsApp and can share instant messages for which an email is not necessary. Fast and fun to use it With the Whatsapp web, it becomes even easier to type messages using a web browser.

>Using WhatsApp  For Customer Communication

Here’s the sales tip – if you follow yourself on WhatsApp instead of a phone call, you will get 40% more feedback. Anyone appreciates the call from an unknown number but we are more likely to respond to personal messages. When we start using Whatsapp for customer communications, we have seen better feedback and engagement. It also gives the opportunity to be a little informal. For example, you sent a quote to your potential customers, but you have not heard from him, what do you do? You either call him or send follow-up emails using formal language. Instead of doing so, if you send a brief message on WhatsApp if you ask about the situation, you may get a quick response. I have started to see more and more small businesses using Whatsapp to announce new offers or have favored festivals to my customers. On the profit book, we use WhatsApp’s calling facility to talk to our international customers.

>Using WhatsApp  For Customer Support

Whatsapp is a great tool for customer support because its wide reach is easy. Instead of calling helpdesk numbers or raising tickets, your customer will always like to send a message to WhatsApp. Now Floyd, the website development platform, uses WhatsApp for customer support. Arus Chopra of Just Herbs has offered skin and product consultation on Whatsapp. There are new businesses like WhatsApp, which provide tools and APIs to set up a customer support system using WhatsApp. However, offering customer support through Whatsapp cannot be a good option for all types of businesses. Crytek from the Cloud telephony company, the My operator warns that responding to every message on Whatsapp will not be practical for companies that call hundreds of customer calls every day. Therefore, choose Whatsapp as a customer support tool, if your customer requests have a low number of requests.

>Using Whatsapp for and Promotion

Rajat Uppal, national marketing head of Red FM, says, “Whatsapp is a new SMS. We have realized that what’s apps can be a very strong marketing tool, this is a good platform for direct communication with our listeners.” You can use WhatsApp to send images, audio files, short video clips and text messages of your products to users all over the world. Unlike SMS or e-mail, there is less restriction on the format and distribution possibilities are high. This does not mean that you should spam your customers with WhatsApp messages. Ideally, you should use Whatsapp to connect with existing loyal customers instead of reaching new users. Everyone hates messages coming from an unknown number. If you really want to get a good response, you will need to come out constructively to promote your business using WhatsApp. For example, Colgate invited people to send their smile to the phone number on a toothpaste pack, through Whatsapp. Motivation: Brand Ambassador Sonam Kapoor’s stylist styled by chance!

>Creative Usage Of WhatsApp For Business

  • People have created new businesses through WhatsApp as a platform and some are using it to increase their business cost-effectively. Look at some creative uses of Whatsapp, which can give you some ideas for the next project. Concierge service This Mumbai-based work, Rush Rush, uses WhatsApp as a booking platform. You can book a cake, flower delivery or courier service using WhatsApp. Food order using Whatsapp Many local restaurants are now giving their users an option to dine through a WhatsApp message. Customers can communicate their preference immediately. Medical consultation Family doctors have now started advising on WhatsApp. Of course, this can not replace a person’s visit, but you can always read your doctor and ask about general medical questions. In addition, medical stores now accept prescriptions and delivery photographs. Government service Delhi Police launched a dedicated helpline launched by WhatsApp last year: 9910641064. On the launch day, they received more than 23,000 messages and complaints through this number. Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC) is providing Volvo Bus Helpline service through Whatsapp. This service Volvo is available for complaints and suggestions from buses and buses related to information.


Whatsapp is a powerful communication tool, due to its simplicity, it has become widely popular, in addition to using it for personal communication, you can use Whatsapp for your business in various ways. Its cost effective and you can start quickly. Are you using Whatsapp in your business?



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